Free quotes always Day9

One day I felt sad and called my friend. She told me that everyone would be sad and lonely. We need to learn how to deal with that kind of situation and tried to get away from by reading, writing and something like. After that I think that the most important thing for me to do is to keep myself busy. Every thing has opposite. When call back on the past, what makes us happy maybe the things that also make us sad and vise versa. Who has never tasted bitter, know not what is sweet.

Today’ quote:
Tears are the gifts for the memory to store longer than laughters. The garden of spirits grows emotions of various plants including anger, envy, despair and fear, hurt and regret, sorrow and pain, as well as smile and surprise, pleasure and relief…
Just take it easy and breathe deeply!
Just put down the curtains to keep from strong light!
Just be simple and kind!
Just be generous and optimistic!
Just put down the burden and be light-hearted!
Just face the reality and be low-pitched!
Just do it! You can do it!
© Maylian Leo, 2016


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