Free quotes always Day8

Another day of stillness has passed. I llike the saying that time is a thief… It must be… So swift, smart and flexible, stealthy and light…
To sit there too long brings stiffness and heaviness. To travel so far takes time and efforts. To find the balance of fast and slow needs patience and knacks…
Today’s quote:
Treat everything with kindness, calmness and gratitude. Kindness can overwhelm strength in a sense. Every little step works.
Time can play the string of life gently and mildly with incentive tide. When the incarnation of secular world wash the youth and prosperity away, maturity and empathy will come to take their place.
Patience and contentment will take shape. Love and truth will lead us to the world of happiness and enjoyment. The infinite possibility needs the inspiration of comprehension and understanding, apprection and admiration.
© Maylian Leo, 2016


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