Daily Prompt: Blowing dandelions

good memory

A Real Messy Beautiful Twisted Sunshine

 Reposting this for today’s prompt, First Crush.

There is always this one summer kiss that makes every childhood a place you want to go back to.

Summer rain. Summer breeze. Summer skies. Summer love. Summer nights.


I looked outside the window one fine summer morning and smiled at the greenish view that lightens up my heart.
Green grasses and trees combined with blue skies and blooming flowers are like ambrosia to me.
It always gives me the sweet feeling of bliss.

Then I noticed two butterflies, one of brown and black, the other of violet with a small tint of green, flying back and forth the window.
Yes. They caught my attention.
I ran outside and went near the window, but they slowly flew toward the fence.
I had this feeling to follow them for a reason that even I could not understand.

So there, out the fence, of…

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