Change is the only thing that is constant in life.–unkown

There’s a time you’re not very sure
Cos’ you’re such a shy girl you hate to show up
But the color is not always the same
A different world is just in front of us

The fire that was burning in your head
Is a seed to grow into a tree
We will have to change
Like the sea waves wash the shore

The hope in the distance is waving at us
We’re sailing in the fate’s boat
We’re traveling across the stormy sea
We’ll greet the warm sunrise we’ll fight and survive

Everyone has a dream in the deep heart
But we should live our life to make it real
The cold storm will break our faith and tear it into pieces
But we shall keep our faith and never kill it

The ring that was held into our hand
Is a jewel to shine bright light
We will have to change
Like the firework light the night

The star is guiding us to sail thought darkness
Dream helps us to fly up high above the sky
We’ll traveling across time and space
We’ll scream out we’ll break away from the chain

For: Picture it & Write and Wordle #77

© Maylian Leo, 2015



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