A letter to lily

This week’s words:  Madness, fertile, scorn, listen, crinoline, exaggerate, petrous, needle, Lily, fragile, ornament, twenty-three  
Rule: use at least ten words of the listed words to make a poem or anything you like.

Lily, its name smells fragrance
Yet its head is needle-pointed
A kind of love never be repaid
A love story full of tears and pain

She once had a crush on a handsome boy
And wished to be with him till the end
She was so determined and stubborn
But her love was fragile as glass

She was such a crazy girl of madness
Her world was filled with chaos and she’s only 23
A whole new world was such a big dream
For she was such an innocent girl easy to cheat

Lily, its name signifies purity and loneness
So great love that deserves no return
Sounds like woe and desperation
Why her love is so sad and gloomy

Her dream world was shattered no way to heal
It’s no exaggeration it’s underestimation
Her once loved face became a nightmare
Her once loved voice no longer sweet

Forever a vagabond lose her way home
Forever live in the good time of memory
Forever fear to face the scorn of other people
Forever close the door to brightness and sane

It’s not her fault she needs to change
Love is a diamond but she lost it
She’s still young and beautiful I believe
Her pride and confidence is her best ornament you see

It’s not her fault she needs to new life
Love is the sun but she relies on it too long
Flowers and blessings are here for her to hold tight in hand
She can find her lost dream and she’ll be well if she try again

Best wishes
Listen Petrous, your friend

For: Picture it & Write and Wordle #74


© Maylian Leo, 2015



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