In the empty park
Birds retreated to return to their cozy nest
My tired spirit with clamor now began to take a rest
Like a lonely boat anchored off the shore
Of a silent lake with green ripples
A group of pigeons flew over my head
They whistled and drew lines across the horizon
The sounds were charming and clear
I was lost in my reverie and it seemed like a dream

The orchids sent forth a delicate fragrance
Made me intoxicated with the odor
I took a deep breath and enjoyed the vivid color of sunset
A dog played with the wild flowers on the meadow
Try to break the silence in vain
I’ve tried to find my lost peace of mind
Looked at the moving white clouds in the distant sky
Recalled the good time with my good friends
They were too busy with little time to talk to me again

I sat down on a bench in the corner
Held palms together to pray to the sky
It would listen to me with patience and peace
I’m thankful that I have carved the piece of golden time into souvenir

© Maylian Leo, 2015



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