Life is really simple, but we insist to make it complicated.—Confucius

Life is a boat
We drift with the tide
Do not know what tomorrow is like
When the dawn comes the sunlight is thrown
Stories and dramas are on show
Make us moved to tears and laughers

Life is a road
We too often feel tired to go
It is not always flat and smooth
There can be rainstorm and snow
No flowers no applause yourself alone
Solitude, sadness and grief be with us all along

Every moment is precious like a diamond
When you embrace love and taste its flavor
You will be moved to tears like a child
When you play records and enjoy it with your family
Every minute will become golden fruit of memory

Even when hurt is unavoidable
I believe you can get through and find worth in it
Cos’ the angel is singing ahead
To sooth you like a cup of green tea
Cut down the noise and return to calmness
Give your peace and courage to move on, to struggle, to strive
To experience good time and bear hardship.

Life is really simple enjoy every moment
Don’t make it complicated and feel free
Life is wonderful and beautiful
It is worth living once again
Life is so lovely we live and believe
Everything good will come in the end
Life is a gift and we should hold it
That One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

© Maylian Leo, 2015



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