Cactus coffee

Rule: write a blog according to the photo below

Coffee is my soul mate
Coffee knows what I need
It’ s black full of charming foam
Like your lovely dipples I think

In cold winter, a warm drink keeps me warm and makes me happy
In hot summer, a cold drink makes me feel so cool

I love coffee, black and white definition
Cozy lifestyle but also simple.
It raises me up when I am down
It makes me feel good about myself

I love coffee the first sight I see
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
It cheers me up when I am tired
It makes me right when I am wrong

A kind of missing old friends
Without eating may feel lonely
Coffee time is precious memory
You know exactly what I mean

Cactus is so good without doubt
An evergreen favorable for skin and health as well
Various exotic shapes and colors
Make desert a spectacula place…

Cactus coffee, my love
I’ll never leave you till you go

Just for fun


For: Picture it & Write and Wordle #74

© Maylian Leo, 2015


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