Words in our Wordle:
Dumb, Chimney, Cat, Murder, Sun, Sad, Clocks, Flood, Dock and Hollow. Use at least three words of them.

Act I
Once upon a time, there was a castle called Apollo Castle (The Castle of Sun: Apollo is the God of sun). There was a legend that Apollo like the place and often visited the lover called Clytle. He wore a purple robe. He usually sat in his bright eastern palace early in the morning and made ready to start his daily journey across the sky.

During the day he drove his carriage of gold and ivory, and brought light, life and love to the great world below. Late in the afternoon he came to the end of his journey in the far western sea and got on his golden boat to return to his eastern home.

Apollo was a handsome young man. He had a lot of charisma with golden hair and a noble bearing. A beautiful girl called Clytle, was obsessed with his beauty and glory. She knelt on the ground from dawn to dusk and outstretched her hands towards the sun god. Her eyes looked at his golden wheeled carriage racing across the blue sky.

She never changed her mind about Apollo. The gods were moved at the sad sight, and changed her into a sunflower. Even Apollo was so moved that he would like to stop by there to talk to his lover to make up for his fault.
One of the beautiful scenery was that large patches of sunflowers were grown over the mountains and fields. It was a hot summer day. The sun scotched the eyes. There was an old clock tower overlooking a river running around the castle.

It was getting dark. The sun was setting, throwing shadow on the mountains and rivers. Golden light shimmered. What a splendid view.
Suddenly black clouds gathered and flocks of crows flied over the sky and called out. The shower started pouring down. The river was flooded.

Act II
This was seen by Alex, who was working on the fields of a mountain to eradicate the weeds for the sunflowers. He was lonely middle-aged man. He lost his wife three years ago, who died of an unknown illness mysteriously. He kept a cat and a carrot as pets. Alex would send the message of flooding to the villagers at the foot of the mountain.

But he was dumb and he was crippled. How could he pass the message? One magic thing about this man was that he actually knew about a little witch. He then chanted incantations and changed the cat into an eagle. He also had taught the carrot to speak like human. He told them to ask the villagers to flee away from the flood…

For: Writing Prompt #120 and Weekend Wordle #11

© Maylian Leo, 2015



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