Break the silence

The daily post writing prompt:
Break the silence

It’s just a game
For you and I to play
You have fun to look around
When I work hard to participate

It’s a dull challenge
For a swimming fish
To jump out of stream
And seek trace of thief

It’s a kind wish
For a sleeping cat
To be woken up by the mouse
In fury and runs to hunt for its pray

It a big change
For a small drop of rain
To swarm into gossip of bay
And rest on a crocodile’s face

It’s a real story
For a poor boy to dream of
Getting rich by showing his talent of
Weaving words into a magic tapestry

It’s a colorful dream
For a caterpillar to come out of the cocoon
Turn into a beautiful butterfly
Stay on my shoulder for a while and fly away

It’s a great parade on the street
For a monkey and a bear to play
With fire ball and bamboo pole
To fill up the pocket of buster plentifully

It’s a search for a cheetah
Chase after an antelope on the vast land
Of jungle with greed and danger
A balance between life and death

It’s the journey of phantoms
Full of adventure and maze
A labyrinth hard to find a way
A riddle hard to answer with wit

Whether it’s a tragedy or a comedy
Director is hesitant to conceive the plot with aim
Is it funny or is it tedious
Camera is ready to capture every gorgeouse shot with gay

It’s just a word play of prompt
To pass the boring time of the day
It’s a form of simple style
To break the silent of ice
So guys stop to wait to see and begin to have a try

Break the silence
It’s a reverie for me alone to write
This kind of things to catch eyes.
Break the silence
It’s a shame to show off the ramble
Of what’s inside my mind
Break the Silence

© Maylian Leo, 2015


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