Beautiful day

It’s so beautiful please wait for me! –Goethe “Faust”

We are on the way
So many people and beautiful scenes
We get on a train
It runs so fast like things past
The sky is so clear
Anything that bothers just left behind

The air is so clean
But you have no choice
Seasons change quickly
Autumn leaves make you lose yourself
Love was blown in the wind
A yellow ribbon was carried away with it
You just want to find out
Whether another lonely soul was also lost

It’s a beautiful day cherish the memory
Tomorrow is a new day
It’s a beautiful day straighten up
Dream will lead us to a better place

In the field the fruits are golden ripe
Heaps of grains pile up high
On the beach the sea waves kiss the sands
Children frolic to pick up the shiny shells
Over the mountain the eagle hovers
Lavender thrives the black soil
Shooting stars flash across the blue sky
Make a small wish to light up the night

What you lose is what you gain
Have faith in your mind and go on the way
and you go on the way
It’s a beautiful day


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