What is the blog about

In fact I do not know much about blogging, but I have read some articles about it. They say bloggers should try to focus on one or two topics to guarantee quality. That’s sounds reasonable.

Some good blogs are very interesting to read and I also like to read those blogs that can catch my eyes. I hope one day I can do that. Not only for keeping the work of myself, it is also a useful part of my life and become a special memory.

I do not spend too much time reading blogs, otherwise I can do nothing of myself. The attraction of blogging is that we can talk with the author and enter the world of the author.

I begin writing things for some time because of interest. I am interested in music an amateur. So at that time I would visit some music forums online.

There were many interesting and talented musicians who wrote songs and lyrics often. I think I got some practice by participating the activities online. But suddenly some of them were closed off.

Then I write some song lyrics but I cannot keep them well. It was a little pity. I think music is really the medicine of life and it is the language of the world. And I will write some short stories, prose and fairytales for interest. I cannot keep things in order. So I should start over again now. Perhaps it is not a bad thing.

Before I came to wordpress, I nearly did nothing in my spare time and just dawdled time away. I often felt tired and perhaps it really was. Tiring and boring work. I did not even know why I became so lazy. Perhaps procrastination and laziness is another gift the god gives us. That is due to the fact that circumstances can change a person.

In my spare time I read some works of inspiration and read some inspiring quotes. It seems that it works little.
Now I know that I still can do something I like. I wish I would come back to the past and revive creativity.

Writing is really good to wake up the brain and become sharp. I must focus on myself to find something worthwhile to do. I believe I can do it. I think I have found a way to brace up.

At most times I just imagine a situation, try to avoid the reality and do nothing to change it. As is often the case, opportunities will not come to us voluntarily; we need to look for opportunities.

Lastly, I make a plan for what I will share with the world. I think one blog a day is not difficult to do though it may cost some time, cause time seems not always enough.

1.write some small poems like haiku every day 2. Some inspiring quotes or beautiful sentences every day 3. Some reviews of interesting and inspiring stories (2-3 times a week, according to situation) 4. Some interesting novel episodes (plan) 5. Comments or short poems on some photos or pictures (plan) 6. Summary of a week’s work (for inspiration)

I wish to make some progress in the days to come. I do not know about your interests cause my interests also alter time to time. I also wish the blog will always be there cause I am poor to manage electrical things. At last I wish to have your comments on my works and best wishes for you.

© Maylian Leo


4 thoughts on “What is the blog about

  1. “I think music is really the medicine of life and it is the language of the world.”
    I couldn’t have said it better. This page reads as fluid and flowing as your poetry. I think it’s because you pour yourself into them – you communicate through them – makes them not just interesting but enjoyable to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a million. You are so kind. I hope I can do better to deserve the commments. We are imperfect, but we expect perfection all the way. Glad you enjoy it. Expect your next coming back to read more.


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