Thank you my friends who have given me friendship and strength to make me glow and enlightened.
Thank you my rivals who have given me much attack to make me grow and enhanced.
Thank you the teachers who have told me things I cannot finish but I have achieved.
Thank you the sisters who have asked me to be simple I become superb.
Thank you the people who have shown contempt I have all forgotten.
Thank you the lessons which have made me fall now I rise again.

Magnitude is the power of gratitude.
Benefaction is manifested in gratefulness.
Blessings are returned in every beautiful moment.
Love is inhaled and hatred is expelled.
Appreciation leads us to happiness and brings us to peace.
Gratitude is an ingredient of success and fulfillment.

My prayers and my promise, my vows and my criterion.
Thank you the visible and invisible power hidden in every corner.
Thank you the omnipotent and the ubiquitous in the vast universe.
God tell us gratitude is a perfect gift and a valuable virtue.
And goodness will have a good reward. Little help bring much return.
The favor of a drop of water has been rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain.

© Maylian Leo, 2015


© Maylian Leo


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