Why I am here

About the 7-day blogging
Since I opened this blog, a week has passed. I feel like a lot of things to say but I don’t know how. So I want to write a plan for the arrangement of my blog schedule of next week.

1. How to do with the heap of work?

Often when I have a heap of work to do, some work can be waste of time, to listen to music, pin pictures, look through e-mails and posts, find information, etc.. When to start work and when to stop trash?

My advice is to batch tasks together. The work cannot be done all at once. If I want to find some important materials and interesting pictures, I will create a whole period of time in the morning or in the evening to do them. Everyone has different kinds of lifestyle. For me, I often feel tired and sleepy in the afternoon. So I will take a nap or eat snacks and drink teas, sometimes a short period of time to recover energy.

2. How focus on work?

Many things will distract us during work. How to avoid distraction and stay focused?
In general, the thing I fear most is the cell phone. So I often keep it silent, but I will check it occasionally to find out if there is someone’s call. Another thing I like to is to read books online. The click on things I like just cannot stop till time has passed quickly. So I try not to open the page to look at the goods or things that attract me. To form a habit of self-control and discipline is really a long way to go, but I think I have improved a little in this aspect. The third is to find information online. Information is everywhere. Too much information will make my brain have a jam, which I think is not good for productivity. So I will write down some names of ideas or website, etc, then cross out the information I have already know. Sometimes I will take notes, not too much though. I think the habit of taking notes is also an excellent way for information accumulation and self improvement. Afterwards I will work harder in this aspect and take more notes to cultivate and educate myself.

3. How to finish work on time?
Often when we have some ideas, we will put them away and then forget at all. So, here is the question, how to be punctual and avoid procrastination?
My advice is to write down the things that must be done first or have a general idea before it is done. Another detail is, to put the relevant books or tools at hand. When the work is too much, I will break down and become confused. Reading some useful and relevant information can calm me down then I know where I can begin to finish the most important part of work.

Here is the list of things I shall do the next week:
1. Read a book silently for some time every day
2. Meditate for a while and relax.
3. Take a stroll 3-5 times a week outside
4. Write 2-5 posts every day, that is a big task
5. Check up e-mails and not to miss useful and necessary ones, clean up the trash regularly
6. Eat more fruits and drink more water
7. Listen to soft music and drink tea to sooth myself
8. Change daily routine occasional and read a novel for inertest
9. Find more inspiring people and learn from them
10. Build up confidence and listen to tapes of motivation and read some sentences every day

If you are interested in this aspect of time arrangement and blogging, I am glad to share some ideas and you can ask any questions here.


© Maylian Leo, 2015


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