Hollow girl

My mind is a hole so hollow
Since you seize my land unconsciously
My eyes blur with salty tears
Covered by the thick mist near

Blood seems to freeze gradually
Your rough voice echoes like chilly breeze
Without stars and moon the night is dark and cold
Where do I belong to, cursed by the devil’s kiss, at the adge of abyss

My world begins to collapse sharply
Zealous hope shattered with smoky face
Shadow left behind as thin as a line
Weird and twisted by your white lie

I’ll stay sober till the sunshine glows
Life torn apart will begin to shine again
My hurt can be healed by its embrace
Time will judge whether you are right or wrong

Hollow, hollow, the whole world is void without you
Forgive me, take my hand and keep close to me
Till the flame of desire takes my breath away

Hollow, hollow, I’ll forget the hurt you bring
Your warm embrace is such a dose to keep from
I don’t want solitude entangles me like weeds I want free

© Maylian Leo, 2015

Image source: pinterest



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