To the traveler bland water is most precious.
The nature is magician blazed with magnificence.
The desert is masterpiece with barren sand.
The beach is heaven with empty footprints.
The eclipse is a bite from worry and ecstacy.
The valley is depth for you to explore.
The mountain is aptitude for you to climb over.
The rain forest is peaceful land with balance.
The storm is shower blessed by thunder.
The snowflake is spirit fallen from above high.
The hurricane is a wonder to trace behind.

The wave is indulating lines for pallete and strength.
The pigeons are dancers who dance on the plaza.
The children are gentle blosoms with smiling faces and curious eyes.
The old people are artists with exotic wrinkles.
The beggar is a genius blowing sweet flute.
The tramp is a comedian who remains active on stage.
The golden field is music impressed on memory.
The lovers are fictions that can be made to movie.
The train is temporary home for comfort and free.
The church is a big challenge for you to speak of your sin…

© Maylian Leo, 2015


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