Raindrop and Rainbow


Raindrop falls down and knocks on my head.
I cannot help feeling chilly and begins to run.
Father beats my back hard but I remains dumb.
Mother saves every cent but never talks to me.
The friend promises and then plays a trick.

The seed of inconfidence sowed in my mind,
Like a ghost approaches without being invited.
I feel so confused like a lamb fell in wolf mouth.
The hypocrisy of mundane faces like chameleon I hate,
The mad and wild dream pushes me and I forge forward.

Then I come across the wordpress one day.
I cannot believe as if it is the arrangement of fate.
A proverb says a little body often harbors a great soul.
Everyone holds that I am a failure but I will not give up.
The strike of raindrop inspires me and I keep it my secret.

The rainbow comes after rain everyone agrees.
Its amazing spectrum brightens up the grey heaven.
It throws lights on me and I am enlightened with hint.
Every thing has opposite and even leaves are not the same.
If you want something, you have to seek after it and pay price.

Love is like sand dropping from hand.
It will slip away when we try to hold it tight.
Friendship is like light to spread shadow everywhere.
Encourages us even when we are in hard times and despair.
Friend, meditate and taste every word and you’ll find the answer.

© Maylian Leo, 2015


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